About us

It is said that seven is a lucky number. In our case, it played an important role: exactly seven years of Persian food catering, seven months of preparation and search for a suitable place, and finally seven weeks of reconstruction of the space, where we can finally welcome guests in the first and only Persian restaurant in the Czech Republic.

Ata Alipour


It is not necessary to introduce our chef Ata Alipour to our regular customers, but we would like to tell his first-time customers his inspirational story.

Ata comes from Tehran and originally studied Industrial Design. Cooking has been his hobby since childhood. His parents were both paramedics and often served night shifts.

After his studies, the fate led Ata to Thailand and then to Prague in early 2012, where he starts from scratch. No job, no knowledge of the language, but with a great deal of diligence and determination. Even before the emergence and boom of food delivery companies, he came up with the idea of bringing food from a far-away restaurant of his friend to companies where there was a demand for exotic food. After some time he begins to work as a personal chef for the local community of Iranians and Persian food lovers and starts to run a small catering service.

His efforts bring first results and he begins to cook at the Sultan restaurant in the Prague Old Town district, where his Iranian specialties are served alongside Arabic cuisine.

After some time, he longs for his own business and runs the Sun fast food in Vršovice for a year, but it turns out to be a dead end due to the lack of space for real culinary art.

During the last years of the Iranian Film Festival, which is held annually in Světozor cinema in January, Ata is given the opportunity to present Persian cuisine to the general public. His food stand becomes a sought-after stop for festival visitors, as well as respected Iranian filmmakers.

Ata is also interested in global culinary trends and with his own curiosity he collects further experiences: he worked in the Lokál restaurant in Dlouhá for several months, where he discovered the secrets of Czech cuisine. But he still did not give up the idea of his own business and after months of searching for suitable premises he found the place in Karlin. The premises, however, required reconstruction and therefore the chef puts off his chef’s uniform for several long and strenuous weeks and grabs the drill, hammer and brush, dressing the space in a more modern spirit. His taste and attention to detail are also reflected in the arrangement and facilities of the restaurant, which became the stage for his work. In the interior you can see a few examples of the original Persian art as well.