delivery and take away menu june 1-6

This is the delivery offer for June 1-6. Please order 1 DAY IN ADVANCE (evening), by e-shop (payment by card possible), sms or whatsapp at 728213929.
Delivery of lunch from 11:30 to 13:30, or pick up upon arrangement. Free delivery Prague 1 (Old town only), 2, 3 and Karlín. Outside this range 150 CZK, availability must be checked in advance. Payments ONLY BY CASH or e-shop.
Monday – CLOSED
Zereshk polo – chicken thigh in saffron tomato sauce, barberry rice 180,00 Kč
Olvie Salad – potato salad with boiles chicken, eggs, gherkins and mayonnaise, bread 130 Kč
Kuku sabzi – spinach patties with walnuts, barberries egg and salad. bread 160 Kč

Abgoosht – steamed lamb, legumes (chickpeas, beans), potatoes, bread 160 KČ
Hamburger, mixed lamb and beef, gherkins, onions, tomatoes, salad, sauce, fries 170,00 Kč
Beef tongue sandwich – beef tongue, lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, sauce, in a baguette 160 Kč
Baghali Polo – Lamb shank with green fava and dill rice 300 KČ
Khoreshte bademjan – stew with aubergines, cherry tomatoes and unripe grapes, rice 200,00 Kč
Bal kababi – grilled marinated chicken wings, basmati rice, tomato 200 KČ
Kabab Koobideh – minced lamb on skewer, rice 200,00 Kč
Joojeh kabab – saffron chicken breast grilled, basmati rice 220,00 Kč
Kabab barg – lamb tenderloin grilled, rice 400,00 Kč
Joojeh kabab ba ostokhan – saffron and herb marinated chicken thigh grilled, basmati rice 220,00 Kč
Kabab chenje – marinated lamb tenderloin pieces on the grill, rice 290,00 Kč
Sabzi polo – salmon with herb rice 220,00 Kč
Ghorme sabzi – lamb stew with a five herb sauce and red beans 200 KČ
Kashk-e bademjan – aubergine puree, walnuts and curd, bread 160,00 Kč
Kabab Shishlik – marinated grilled lamb chops, rice 290,00 Kč