Hi, this is the menu for this week, June 1-6.
Please order 1 DAY IN ADVANCE following the old system by sms or whatsapp at 728213929. Lunch delivery from 11:30 to 13:30, dinners and take away upon agreement. Dinners possible only Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays after reservation again 1 DAY IN ADVANCE

Free delivery Prague 1-2, 3, Karlín
Outside of this range, 70 Kč to 100 Kč

Monday – Fesenjan: chicken leg in a sauce of walnuts and pomegranate, rice 200 Kč
Kookoo sabzi – Spinach patties with egg, walnuts and barberries, bread 140 Kč

Tuesday – Loobia polo – pulao with lamb meat and green beans 160 Kč
Zereshk polo – chicken leg with saffron tomato sauce, barberry rice 160 Kč
Olvie salad – salad made of potatoes, mayonnaise, gherkins and chicken, bread 140 Kč

Wednesday – Khoresht-e bademjan – stew with aubergines, rice 180 Kč
Sandwich Kotlet – sandwich with fried minced meat patties, gherkins, tomatoes, mayonnaise and salad 150 Kč
Sandwich Zaban – beef tongue sandwich with gherkins, tomatoes, mayonnaise and salad 150 Kč

Thursday Koofte – meatball made of minced lamb, with chana dal lentils, filled with barberries, walnuts, almonds and apricots, with potatoes and bread 160 Kč
Khoresht-e karafs – lamb celery stew 160 Kč
Mirza ghassemi – grilled aubergines, egg, tomatoes, bread 130 Kč

Friday – Kabab Koobide – minced lamb on skewer, rice 180 Kč
Joojeh kabab – Chicken breast grilled, rice 200 Kč
Kabab barg – lamb sirloin grilled, rice 380 Kč

Saturday – Tah chin – marinated chicken pieces in yoghurt, egg, baked in a rice bed in the oven 180 Kč
Gheyme sib zamini – lamb stew with split peas, rice, fries 180 Kč
Halim bademjan – fried aubergines, curd, walnuts, meat, bread 160 Kč

Thank you for your orders.